The best casinos in Lyon

Who has never fantasized about being a multi-billionaire? This dream came true for a lucky woman on Thursday, September 24, when she received a check for two million euros! Come on, as we want you to succeed too, we have compiled a list of the biggest casinos in Lyon and its surroundings.

Two million one hundred eighty-two thousand three hundred sixty-four euros and seventy-nine cents
A few weeks before her birthday, a retiree won the Ain lottery jackpot, winning 2,182,364.79 euros. And by placing a bet, you only lose €2! This event took place at the Lyon Vert casino. What a fantastic way to prepare for a birthday party in style.

Got some cash on hand, baby?
As the casinos of the Rhône seem to bring good luck, we have compiled a list for you (but, psst, can you give us a little gift if you win?).

The green lion

Let’s start with the big winner, shall we? The casino’s Art Deco structure makes it one of the largest gambling establishments in the country. The casino’s 300 slot machines, more than half of which are video slots, are proof of this. In addition to classic games such as Black Jack, French Roulette and Battle, you will also find a separate area devoted to Texas Hold’em Poker (see below).
However, the Green Lion is best known for its culinary restaurant, La Rotonde, which has received several accolades for its cuisine. A must see !

On the outskirts of Lyon, at 200 avenue du Casino La Tour de Salvagny, you will find yourself on the heights of the city.
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The White Lion

The place is very amazing. Discover the park, the exhibition hall and, in summer, even the swimming pool, all within walking distance. The casino has over 130 slot machines, four poker tables, a Black Jack table and English roulette, so you’re sure to get the best odds.

Saint-Galmier is located on Boulevard du Docteur Cousin (between Saint-Etienne and Roanne).
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JOA Casino.

Be careful, there is a trap in this offer. If this establishment is in fact the headquarters of the JOA company, which has several casinos in France, you will not be able to find a slot machine there. But do not worry.

It’s much more than a casino, it’s a whole entertainment complex located in the center of Lyon, in the Cité Internationale. Restaurants, pubs, theatres, bowling alleys, amusement arcades, and even a hotel… you could easily spend hours and hours in this place!

The Cité Internationale Lyon 06 is located at 34 Quai Charles de Gaulle.
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The Pharaoh Casino

“Let it be completely covered with gold!” (Do you have the reference?) » This casino lives up to its title since all the design is inspired by ancient Egypt: you will discover colossal carvings, exquisite gilding… and even the staff is dressed in traditional Egyptian attire! Let yourself be carried away by this one-of-a-kind event. Over 250 slot machines, three Black Jack tables, six Poker tables, a Punto Blanco table, and many other games are available in the casino. Besides, there are pubs, restaurants and wonderful hotel rooms: I don’t know about you, but I really want to go there one day!

The Cité Internationale Lyon 06 is located at 70 Quai Charles de Gaulle.
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